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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pottersville Information Dump

As they'll inevitably do, the Republican Party and Tea Baggers cover themselves in glory and other not so suitable substitutes. Submitted for your perusal, approval, disapproval, etc:

Professional scumbag and insurance salesman (pardon the tautology) Art Jones, running for Congress out of Illinois' 3rd CD, became the latest in a series of wingnuts to claim "the Holocaust never happened." As if that wasn't enough, Artie was also quoted as saying,
As far as I’m concerned, the Holocaust is nothing more than an international extortion racket by the Jews. It’s the blackest lie in history. Millions of dollars are being made by Jews telling this tale of woe and misfortune in books, movies, plays and TV. The more survivors, the more lies that are told.

Now, there's a Republican you can be proud to have in Congress, a man who doesn't pander to the Jewish, sane and historically-informed demographic!

(Sidebar: He also openly hosts "family-friendly" Neo Nazi events, thereby making him even more pathetic than his fellow Nazi-loving Midwest Republican Tony Zirkle.)

Speaking of anti-semites, the Mormon cult (and it is a cult) has long proved the most viciously Dominionist and intrusive force in all Christendom. They pumped millions of dollars and many man hours into ramming Prop H8 onto the CA ballot and getting it passed. They planned on baptizing Elie Weisel and already baptized the late Simon Weinsenthal's own parents.

But earlier this month, ex Mormon Helen Radkey found baptismal records in the Dominican proving the LDS had actually baptized Ann Frank (it was all a "mistake", they claimed). It's difficult to understand this creepy religious necrophilia unless you look at it from a Dominionist POV. The Mormons obviously feel as if the Jews cannot be trusted with their own souls and need to be put on the straight path even if it has to happen posthumously.

Think Ann Coulter and her assertions years ago that all Jews were merely "unperfected Christians" and you have the real mindset of Christians, so-called Christians and faux Christians such as the ones in Romney's cult that merely tolerate Jews and patiently awaiting the conversion of the 440,000 projected survivors after Armageddon.

Looks like Obama and his vile, brown-shirted Commie/Socialists are the last ones whose hands we have to worry about touching our Medicare and Medicaid. Because a Dallas-area doctor named Jacques Roy was recently arrested and charged with bilking Medicare and Medicaid. Yeah, he's a Republican and, yeah, he's also a Tea Bagger but what's really interesting about this particular instance of right wing hypocrisy is the amount of loot we're talking about: Over a third of a billion dollars. Yes, Dr. Roy is being charged with bilking the evil federal government for almost $375,000,000. So, what's worse, peeps? Obama's mad power grab and Socialization of our private health care system or one man's own mad grab for over a third of a billion taxpayer dollars?

As if Christopaths weren't a big enough problem in Michigan, there's now the threat of Muslims who want to turn Michigan into Michiganistan (or Mich-Mich-Michi-Michiganistan-stan, if you're Herman Cain). Pay no attention to the fact that Muslims only make up 3% of Michigan's population. Pay no attention to the fact that these Christopaths have their own brand of Sharia law that's at least as noxious and backward-looking as the Muslims' sharia.

There's a reason why Rick Santorum doesn't want your kids to go to college. Facts, as John Adams said, are stubborn things.

Newscorp's News International was rife with corruption, you say?
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Anonymous The Wifely Person said...
I find the posthumous baptism particularly batshit offensive. Leave us the fuck alone, and no, you may NOT come into our homes to testify about just how batshit you are.

I am equally tired of the Christaliban trying to turn this country into their version of Afghanistan. And y'know, if people are stupid enough to elect that confederacy of dunces into office, then they will get exactly the government they deserve.

Bah humbug!

Blogger opit said...
I actually thought that posthumous baptism nonsense was an LDS trait.
Decades ago the Moonies adopted protective coloration to better prey on the public. Even investigators enmeshed in their snare were rapidly 'turned.'
But the Baptist Southern Conference and Wycliffe Bible translators were funded by the CIA to open up South and Central American tribes to exploitation: JARS. Shades of Cortez and Catholic missions.
There is so much money to be bilked from the public with broadcast ministry and aid for missions it's insane.
These days 'religious freedom' means facilitating mindwashing. Since the state has its own ongoing program from UNESCO under the rubric of 'public education' serving corporate interest the competition is fierce.
The Dominionists I haven't run into - but their evangelizing in Kenya has started child killing for witchcraft.