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Monday, December 05, 2011

Around the blogroll and elsewhere: It's My Own Damn Fault edition
Posted by Jill | 5:22 AM
You know, it's one thing to work all weekend because you're on a crunch deadline. It's one thing to work all weekend because you've been given a special project. It's one thing to work all weekend because you're being held to expectations no one else is. But when you work all weekend catching up on documentation that you should have been organizing all along in the first place, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Anyway, here's some stuff you should read today.

Myrddin: Everything You Wanted To Know About Republicans But Were Afraid To Ask

Republican Sen. Fred Upton may find himself kicked out of the La La La I Am Not Listening Party for this.

At Ramona's Voices: Newt to 'Really Poor Children': Buy Your Own Damn Ice Cream.

O'Hollern on CIA Christmas pParties.

Ahab on the amount of religious lobbying going on in Washington. Don't any of these so-called Christians have a problem with pay-for-legislation?

Meanwhile, back in Fukushima.....

The Wifely Person: Why the Republican cmpaign is like the Rye Delicatessen.

Memo to Karen Garcia: If you simply MUST watch Press the Meat on Sundays, at least prepare yourself for it by priming your brain with the high-fiber but slightly sweet goodness of Chris Hayes and his rotating panels of people who actually have gray matter in their brains. And if you can't get up that early, at least keep your eye on Driftglass, because he usually does a good takedown of what he calls the Mouse Circus.

The New York Crank is featuring Ron Paul's awesome attack ad against Newt Gingrich, using the Lizard King's own words. Too bad no Democrat is smart enough to do the same.

Note to Al Franken: This is all very nice, but how about some concern for the problems posted by the IP Protect Act?

And in case the wingnuts believed that Rupert Murdoch's apparent love for the Christofascist Zombie Brigade extended beyond the padded cell that is Fox News, they should look, as Southern Beale did, at his latest publishing venture.
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