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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere: Back to the Same Old S**t Edition
Posted by Jill | 5:43 AM
BlueGal: Time Magazine isn't taking any chances that you'll look at what's going on around you and start asking questions. They're telling you flat out that getting screwed over by the oligarchy is GOOD for you.

The New York Crank has a dinnertable discussion with an investment banker on Thansgiving. (Are you starting to get the impression that "Fannie and Freddie" is becoming right-wing code for "uppity ni---rs" the way "Dodd-Frank" is becoming right-wing code for "fa--ots"?)

Bruce Schmiechen on the Too Big To Fail doctrine.

This says about everything there is to say about Thanksgiving (via Elayne)

Sherry ventures into Outer Wingnuttia to see what they're saying about the Infamous Halal Butterball Turkey Fracas.

At The Political Carnival, there's a cool list of referrals for gifts for EVERYONE on your list. (Here at Casa la Brilliant, we succumbed to the Siren Song of Cupertino by taking the bait so we can tentatively dip our toes the Cult of Mac via a Mac Mini. Discounted Apple products? Steve Jobs is already spinning.)

These gals just don't post enough. Margaret and Helen put forth their Thanksgiving Rules.

Lisa Wines takes down No-Bullshit Guys in Politics.

And finally...go visit Monkeyfister for a video that tells it like it is about turkey. (A bit late for Thanksgiving, but if you're one of those people that thinks a turkey dinner should be re-run at Christmas during the Lockup:Raw marathon on MSNBC, it might be useful. As for me, I already have the traditional Christmas ham. Because nothing honors the birth of a Jewish baby like pork products.)

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