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Friday, November 05, 2010

The return of fact-esque
Posted by Jill | 7:02 AM
No, not the blog (and where IS Fact-esque, anyway?)

Remember when Stephen Colbert was still on The Daily Show and did a "Mean Dean" sketch in 2004 in which he backed up his ridiculous claims about Howard Dean by saying "It's been widely reported, Jon. That makes it fact-esque"?

How about the birth of "truthiness":

Well, Michele Bachmann is repeating the right-wing echo chamber claim of Barack Obama as some kind of modern-day Hannibal with the contemporary equivalent of the thirty-seven elephants, claiming that the President's upcoming trip to India will cost taxpayers $200 million a day. How does she know this? Because it's been widely reported, as Rachel Maddow pointed out last night:

Politifact debunks. Not that it will matter to the crazies.

And THAT, Jon Stewart, is why it's disingenuous to compare even the bombast of Keith Olbermann to the right-wing echo chamber. Olbermann at least bases his opinions on decisions reached at by thought and evaluation of empirical facts. The right just pulls stuff out of its collective ass, repeats it in its echo chamber on radio and the internet, and then says it must be true because it's on the internet. Sorry, but that's NOT the same.

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Blogger Barry said...
$200 million was obviously a ridiculous figure, and it's unfortunate she said it, because now all the focus is on that, rather than the question "Why does he need 34 warships?" $200 million or not, I'm sure they ain't cheap.