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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Kneel Before Zod!
Posted by Jill | 6:37 PM
Cheer up, teachers of New Jersey...it could be worse. Your governor could be John Kasich:
Kasich also had a direct message for the teacher's union, who blasted him during the campaign for his stance on the merit pay and holding teachers accountable.

"I am waiting for the teachers union to take out full page ads in all of the newspapers apologizing for what they had to say about me during this campaign," said Kasich.

And if they do, he'll bitch that they're squandering money.

Oh, and by the way, he's also declared that "creating jobs, halting the statewide passenger rail project and reining in labor unions are his top priorities."

I guess the jobs he wants to create are maid, cook, gardener, and pool boy for himself. Because the statewide passenger rail project he just killed would have generated up to 8000 jobs. He must have a different definition of "jobs" than the rest of us do.

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Anonymous tata said...
When you replace the words "teachers union" with "uppity bitches" you understand the real meaning of what's being said. Attacks on teachers unions are ALWAYS carefully coded attacks on women, especially women in stable positions of power, who can attain economic independence. Rethugs like Kasich do not care at all about education, but they care a great deal about women in positions to make decisions for themselves and their children.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Well, I guess you're getting a taste of what "Republican government" means. Excercise your free speech rights? How dare you! Humble yourself before the All-Powerful and grovel, peasants!

I'm waiting for him to declare he rules by "Divine Right."