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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Top 10 Worst Moments in George W. Bush's Presidency

Recently, former President George W. Bush cited rapper Kanye West calling him a racist in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as the worst moment of his presidency. The 43rd president also told NBC's Matt Lauer that there were other rough patches in his memoir, Decision Points. But Mr. Bush also cited other bad moments during his administration in his autobiography. What were they?

  • 10) Having to buff out Dick Cheney's heel marks on the resolute desk with torn swatches of the original US Constitution.

  • 9) CIA Director George Tenet telling him after 9/11 that Osama bin Laden had hidden in Camp David for three days.

  • 8) That in July of 2003 Bob Novak was outed by the Wilsons as a GOP operative.

  • 7) The only Thursday night the White House kitchen couldn't serve pork rinds.

  • 6) That Ted Kennedy couldn't die sooner so he could tell at his funeral alcoholism jokes originally told at a Dean Martin roast 32 years ago.

  • 5) Cindy Sheehan "pissing and moaning about some dead feller named Casey" during his vacation.

  • 4) The eight temporary lobotomies he'd suffered through every time Karl "Bush's Brain" Rove went on vacation.

  • 3) Seeing the twins reach their 20's without either of them having killed a gay person.

  • 2) When Brent Scowcroft gave him on his 60th birthday a beanie with "41½ " on it.

  • 1) When a panel of historians determined by late 2008 that he'd had been less effective than William Henry Harrison, who died one month into office.
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    Anonymous mandt said...
    Number 1 should be changed to: His birth.