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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Quote of the Day
Posted by Jill | 6:42 AM
“The 20-year-old kid who voted for Barack Obama and then saw this White House cut backroom deals with special interests instead of truly fighting for big change like the public option doesn't need a public shaming...He needs to see Democrats acknowledge that the Rahm Emanuel strategy of pre-emptively caving before a fight is a failure -- and that if he trusts Democrats with his vote again, he will be electing a fighting Democratic Party.” – Adam Green, Progressive Change Campaign Committee


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Anonymous Hal said...
"...Rahm Emanuel strategy of pre-emptively caving before a fight is a failure..."
How about Sarah Palin just quitting as governor of Alaska? That's a self-serving quitter - I won't mention the million other things I don't like about her.

Things might not be as we want them now, but think of what it would have been like with four years of McCain Palin. The horror, the horror.

I sometimes wish the tea baggers would get a couple of their idiots elected (Christine O'Donnell comes to mind). It would be interesting to see them fumble with things they don't understand. And more than interesting to see if they actually have any answers to the multitude of issues Bush left us.

Anonymous mandt said...
They've been there done that: Virginia Fox, Michele Bachman, Inhoff or Louie Gohmert for example.