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Monday, August 16, 2010

Think of it this way: Your kids won't have to pay off the deficit
Posted by Jill | 10:14 PM
...because the planet they live on will be uninhabitable:
We now know that global warming is “capable of wrecking the marine ecosystem and depriving future generations of the harvest of the seas” (see 2009 Nature Geoscience study concludes ocean dead zones “devoid of fish and seafood” are poised to expand and “remain for thousands of years”).

The acidification of the ocean in particular is a grave threat — for links to primary sources and recent studies, see “Imagine a World without Fish: Deadly ocean acidification — hard to deny, harder to geo-engineer, but not hard to stop” (and below).

A new Nature Geoscience study, “Past constraints on the vulnerability of marine calcifiers to massive carbon dioxide release” (subs. req’d) provides a truly ominous warning. The release from the researchers at the University of Bristol is “Rate of ocean acidification the fastest in 65 million years.”

Funny how those who worship before the alter of BP don't care about that...at the same time they call abortion murder. We are slowly murdering this planet -- and the future generations who will have to live on it.

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