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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tuesday Big Blue Smurf Blogging: What They Said
Posted by Jill | 7:25 PM
Today's honoree: Who else could it be but Shirley Sherrod? Here's what she actually said, in the money quote to end all money quotes (via Digby):
I couldn't say 45 years ago, I couldn't stand here and say what I'm saying -- what I will say to you tonight. Like I told, God helped me to see that its not just about black people, it's about poor people. And I've come a long way. I knew that I couldn't live with hate, you know. As my mother has said to so many, if we had tried to live with hate in our hearts, we'd probably be dead now.

But I've come to realize that we have to work together and -- you know, it's sad that we don't have a room full of white and blacks here tonight 'cause we have to overcome the divisions that we have. We have to get to the point as Tony Morrison said race exists but it doesn't matter. We have to work just as hard -- I know it's -- you know, that division is still here, but our communities are not going to thrive -- you know, our children won't have the communities that they need to be able to stay in and live in and have a good life if we can't figure this out, you all. White people, black people, Hispanic people, we all have to do our part to make our communities a safe place, a healthy place, a good environment.

Of course I wouldn't expect Andrew Breitbart, James O'Keefe, and the rest of their hateful minions don't understand that. You have to be human and have a heart and a soul for that -- and they have neither.

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Blogger Barry said...
She wuz wronged, although it sounds as though she's hesitating about whether she should take her job back (can't blame her.)

To their credit, btw, most of the right-leaning blogs I've seen have turned on Breitbart. He claims not to have edited the tape and to have only seen this version he was given. Perhaps true, but if so his quarter-assed non-apology was woefully inadequate.

Blogger Jill said...
That would be one very small blessing to come out of this -- if Breitbart is permanently disgraced. He won't be. If you watched Rachel Maddow this evening (and I'm sure you didn't), you saw how Faux Noise managed to do a complete 180-degree turn in their coverage of this. They are the worst scum of humanity over there, and Breitbart arguably the most loathsome human being on the face of the earth not named "Karl Rove" or "Sharron Angle" or "Sarah Palin." Are you aware that Breitbart is claiming that the white farmer who has come forth to vouch for Shirley Sherrod's account is a hoax? Breitbart is a sick, sick, evil man.

Blogger Barry said...
OTOH, there have been instances of the left manufacturing evidence of "racism" at tea parties, and I've yet to see any outrage over that.

Blogger Jill said...
Please cite links from reputable sites, Barry. Otherwise you're in "some say...." zone. Teabaggers take their racist signs to their rallies, that's why the racists are easy to spot.