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Monday, July 19, 2010

The stupidest (sic) fucking man on the planet says....
Posted by Jill | 5:50 AM
...that the roots of anxiety, of the rage emanating from the flyover states, is because not enough white males from their ranks are getting into Harvard. Because i2in the South and the Midwest, the very same people who decry Eastern liberal elites and send their kids to schools where they teach that God created everything in six days, really, really, really secretly want their kids to go to Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

Funny, too, how that resentment doesn't extend to lazy, shiftless legacies like George W. Bush.

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Blogger Barry said...
There are few columnists who piss me off as consistently as Mr. Douthat. He pisses me off for being so breathtakingly stupid, and then it pisses me off that he gets paid for it. If he didn't exist, the NYT would have to invent him to serve as their in-house caricature.