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Friday, July 02, 2010

Today's post you must read
Posted by Jill | 9:24 PM
...is from Gaius Publius again, on how under the Only Nixon Could Go to China rule, only a Democratic government will dismantle Social Security.

And they want to know why the people who put Barack Obama in office don't plan to show up at the polls this fall? THAT's why.

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Blogger Barry said...
Speaking of the ONCGTC phenom, have you ever stopped to ponder whether progressives might have seen more of their agenda enacted had McCain won in 2008?

Serious question. For example, McCain also campaigned on closing Gitmo. Mightn't he have done it by now, given that the Republicans in Congress would be more deferential to one of their own than Obama?

I could also easily imagine McCain going into full "Gang of 14" mode, "reaching across the aisle" and all that to sign a more expansive health care reform bill than the one Obama (barely) got passed.

Just a thought.