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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pray for the Rachel Corrie

Considering how peppy and alert the Israelis have proven to be regarding the dangerous peace activists, perhaps we ought to hire them to intercept the oil spill off the Gulf Coast. After all, if they could intercept seven ships well outside their 68 mile exclusion zone, they should've had no problem stopping an oil slick that began only 40 miles from Louisiana. All we have to do is convert New Orleans' mostly Baptist residents to Judaism and Israel will be there in a flash.

There's another showdown brewing off the coast of Gaza between the Rachel Corrie MV, the sole ship in the flotilla that was carrying 10 tons of aid to the Palestinians, and the US-funded Israeli terrorist network. Undeterred and more determined than ever, the ship carrying Malaysian and Irish aid workers are moving their way toward the Gaza strip in defiance of Israel's brutal and possibly even illegal embargo of relief supplies.

And in spite of nearly universal international condemnation, the Israeli terrorists have vowed to be even more brutal when they intercept the Rachel Corrie. Meanwhile, Turkey has promised to dispatch two more aid ships to Palestine except this time, they'll be accompanied by Turkish naval vessels.

We now know the Israeli Marines who rappelled onto the boats like wouldbe ninjas began firing on the flotilla and the hands aboard it even before they boarded. We know that the Israelis disabled the communications satellite, thereby jamming cell phones and preventing the besieged aid workers from calling for help.

We now know that 19 aid workers (not one or two or nine, but 19) were murdered and at least 60 were injured in the predawn invasion of the flotilla in which six ships and several hundreds of men, women and children were apprehended and taken hostage to Ashdod. During their detention, the prisoners complained that they were denied food, water, sleep and even bathroom facilities.

Yet to hear the "liberal" media talk about it, Jewish journalists like Joshua Mitnick and Amy Teibel have described Israel's release of their hostages as "expelling" and "deporting" the "activists".

In fact, Teibel even engages in a daring bit of revisionist history by informing us that "Hamas militants violently seized power in June 2007", not that they were lawfully elected during Palestine's elections. Oy vey. No pro-Israel bias there, folks.

What Mitnick and Teibel fail to adequately explain is how it's possible to deport from Israel hundreds of aid workers who were on their way not to Israel but the Gaza Strip on a humanitarian aid mission and were apprehended more than 68 miles from Israel's shores (well outside the exclusion zone, in international waters) and forcibly held in detention facilities. As of now, despite the release of hundreds of prisoners, well over 100 aid workers remain behind bars simply for trying to do the right thing by countering Israeli thuggery and genocide.

We could do the right thing and support the Turkish navy and help the aid workers by dispatching our own naval vessels. But of course Obama won't do that because the out-of-control Zionist zombies running the Knesset will consider that an act of war. It's an unspoken rule in Washington: Israel dictates our foreign policy in the Middle East, always has and always will. It's a classic case of the pint-sized bully, overcompensating for prior abuse, running the playground.

However, the Turks are one of Israel's few Muslim allies yet they've shown the intestinal fortitude to get their military involved. Many nationalities were represented in the flotilla and we also had our own people on board. In fact, one of them was Ann Wright, a former US diplomat.

To give you an idea of how insane Israel is, even the equally draconian Egyptian government, they of the torture palaces, actually relaxed their embargo and had briefly opened their borders to Palestinians wishing to flee or seek medical aid. Here's a partial list of some the relief supplies banned by Israel (It seems to be anything beginning with the letter "C"): Coriander. Coffee. Chocolate.

And Cement.

According to David Frum, cement has been rightfully banned because it could be used to (gasp) make bunkers (presumably the coffee would keep them up all night making those evil bunkers and the coriander and chocolate would make it a tastier, more pleasant experience). And we all know that the Palestinians shouldn't have any cause to fear their Israeli friends, don't we?

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