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Friday, June 11, 2010

Oy Vey, the Hypocrisy!

I hope Cheech and Chong sue these assholes for every last sheckle they have.

Who's the moron dressed like a priest and doing a bad impression of a Mexican? None other than Rabbi David Nesenoff, the flip camera "journalist" who took down icon Helen Thomas.

In spite of the hilarious jokes about dishwashing Mexicans, the money shot to me is this line: "The Jews need to be sent to where the Mexicans are going."

What? Not Miami Beach?

It's impossible to expect people who live for Gotcha moments to have clean hands when they take people down. But what we can reasonably expect is that they not be hypocritical, right wing asswipes as David Nesenoff obviously is. If you want to take down people for making unpopular but necessary remarks about the Israelis, then you don't get to make fun of Mexicans or anyone else...

...and then remove the video from your website and Youtube while pretending you never made it three months ago.
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