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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brilliant Pigs

While the mainstream media are admonishing the President for looking like the stereotypical "angry black man", they're losing sight of the fact that BP is itself fulfilling every stereotype that we have of pigs: Bloated and slovenly.

That's what BP actually stands for. Either that or Blown-off Procedures.

Writing for Buzzflash, Greg Palast informs us of BP's other spill, this one so modest that compared to the Deepwater Horizon spill, it makes the company look positively responsible. Or less ambitious.

For the last 16 days, Pump Station 9 at Delta Junction in Alaska has been spewing what was estimated as far back as May 28th as 100,000 gallons of hydrocarbons. Alaskan investigators found what they described as, "procedures (that) weren't properly implemented."

Gee, you mean like the procedures that our government conditionally put in place that we waived dozens of times (since the spill, not merely before) every time an oil cartel like BP or Shell grumbled about the pin money that that would involve?

It came out recently that BP's 582 page oil spill plan for last year cited experts who've been dead for five years, listing aquatic wildlife not indigenous to the Gulf coast and phone numbers to aid organizations that are no longer in service. They'd refused to implement a simple $500,000 system to the Deepwater Horizon rig that could've easily prevented this disaster and saved 11 human lives and the fishing industry of the Gulf coast.

Company executives, incredibly, are still denying the existence of the underwater plumes of oil that have been seen by human eyes and documented on camera. Yet, BP was still, almost a month after the explosion and spill, lobbying the Canadian government to lift its ban on drilling in the Arctic, citing, once again, the additional cost to drill a relief well.

Even BP has admitted that they won't be able to get a handle on the disaster until drilling of the relief well is finished... in August, when the tourist season is almost over and hurricane season gets into full swing.

And their CEO, Tony Hayward, whined that he wanted his life back.

Yet, with BP easily elbowing and muscling ahead of Goldman Sachs, Magnatar, Blackwater, Monsanto and other world-eaters as the evilest corporation on the planet earth, all the mainstream media can talk about now is how President Obama must avoid the appearance of looking like "the angry black man" when the Chief Executive is, quite understandably, pissed about BP's Biblical-class negligence and incompetence in what is shaping up to be the worst American ecological disaster since Love Canal, Three Mile Island or the Exxon Valdez oil tanker spill.

Let's take stock of why our President is angry:

BP had enjoyed one regulatory free pass after another including not being required to file environmental impact statements through a lax and criminally complicit Interior Dept. going back to at least the days of the oil-loving Bush junta and continuing through to his administration.

BP has shown itself to be shockingly inept and incompetent in dealing with the aftermath. We've heard suggestions as absurd as stuffing garbage into the well head, including golf balls, chemical dispersants that only increase the entropy of the spill, "smart pigs", Top Kill and now the MSM is seriously contemplating whether a nuclear device, an even more unstable energy source than oil, ought to be used to fuse the open well head shut.

BP, while whining about how they want their lives back while 11 dead employees rot in their graves, have shown themselves to be cruelly if not criminally blase about the lives, industries and ecosystem they've wrecked.

They are still denying the truth and have gotten Republicans like Haley Barbour onboard to tell potential summer tourists, "Come on down to Mississippi and bring the kiddies. We ain't got no oil on our beaches!" In fact, in his mania to attract understandably wary tourists to Mississippi, he comes off sounding like Murray Hamilton's character, Mayor Larry Vaughn, in Jaws. Keep the tourists in the water and never mind the giant Great White that's eating people like wheat thins.

BP tried to blame contractors such as Transocean and Halliburton for the disaster when in fact all three corporations are to blame for what is estimated by government scientists to be a 44,000,000+ gallon spill.

But all the media are concerned about is Obama looking like a stereotype that it helps perpetuate virtually every news cycle? Why don't they just come out and say what they really want to say: That a black man, President of the United States or no, ought to keep a civil tongue in his head when addressing the rich white men that completely subsidize that same MSM.

If only the President would get as angry every time an outrage happened on his watch! Where was this anger when sociopathic executives were robbing their investors blind to the tune of billions and creating millions of job losses and foreclosures? Where was this anger during the second round of bailouts that became "necessary" when many of these same corporations had their insane craps games catch up to them?

And if the President of the United States cannot show some well-deserved anger when a foreign company destroys at least one quarter of our southern shoreline in the hallowed name of corporate profits, then who can get angry?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
No matter what Obama does, he'll be criticized. Remember, just last week the media narrative was that the president wasn't being "emotional enough." Next thing you know, it's the exact opposite criticism, criticizing him for getting "angry."

Anonymous gyma said...
And Dick Cheney's fingerprints are all over this disaster yet the media is giving him a free pass.

Blogger gunfighter8 said...
Leave out all the history.. Can you see Geo Washington sitting in DC having a party, or fund raiser while the troops were at Trenton?? To lead means just that L E A D get out in front. To jump on BP is a STUPID move when they are the only ones you are depending on (since you have no brains around you) Criminal charges-are you out of your mind?? The plane is going down, you walk into the cockpit-tell the pilot you are a fool, I am pressing criminal charges! This is not a color problem it is a lack of EXPERIENCE problem.. I sir could do a much better job, but then again, I am no genius, just very experienced at leading..alas the occupant in the WH is inept..

Blogger gunfighter8 said...
Yoo Hoo... why are we drilling 1 mile down??
Why not in depths we can control??
Why no nuke plants in 30 years??
Why no clean coal push??
THis is not 8 years in the making..
While you are at it.. the erosion in income follows the globilization- Bill "no sex" started, and now has us falling in income to match China and India.. good luck on blaming weak eyes Cheney..