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Monday, June 07, 2010

Dispatch from Idiot America
Posted by Jill | 9:38 PM
Memo to Russell Hesch: Dexter Morgan is a FICTIONAL character:
A 73-year-old Michigan man and his son who lives in Colorado have been accused of sending U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak a letter threatening to spill the blood of the congressman and his family for his vote in favor of the health care reform legislation in March.

In 2007, a letter from Hesch was published in the Ogemaw County Herald in which he criticized Stupak for his support of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Supporting Pelosi was akin to voting to “abandon the American concept of victory over our enemies and to emberace defeat,” the letter states.

“In light of America’s enemies joyfully embracing and encouraging you and Pelosi along with the entire Democrat Party…do you intend to continue to support position that can only be regarded as seditious at best?”

The letter is signed, Russell J. Hesch, LTC USA (Ret), and several West Branch area officials and residents said today he was well known and mostly respected within the community.


FBI Special Agent Travis Lloyd, in a court affidavit, said Russell Hesch provided authorities a signed statement last Friday indicating he had written the threatening letter to Stupak and sent it to his son in Colorado with instructions to mail it from Denver so it couldn’t be traced back to either of them.

The letter was sent in an envelope that said “Stupak family” and was titled “Your Vote for National Health Care.” In it, the author accused Stupak of having “sold your sole (sic) to the devil.”

“Actions and decisions carry consequences,” it went on to say, naming Stupak’s wife and son by name. It then referenced the Showtime show “Dexter,” in which a police employee is also a serial killer, murdering those he believes should die.

This is the same kind of mindset that thinks Sarah Palin is winking at them and that George W. Bush would be a good buddy to have. It's a mindset that thinks Jack Bauer is real; a mind so limited that it thinks there are people living inside their TVs.

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