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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How this blog is found
Posted by Jill | 4:44 AM
I'm always thankful that this blog doesn't get Google-found based on the kind of sick searches that land people at other blogs, at least not as many. Here are some recent searches that landed people here:

stupak is an idiot
economics 101 for dummies
When Captain America throws his mighty shield
south park rush limbaugh
Condolences to Kieth Olberman (sic)
oh yeah
john kiriakou book signing colorado
Jim kowats baby registry

I think maybe Google needs to tweak the search alborithm a bit.


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Blogger jurassicpork said...
In terms of Boolean bozoism, Jill, I got ya beat hands down. Wait'll you see the search phrases used to find Pottersville in my next installment.

I've found phrases such as "suck my troops" and "worldwide presidential penis" that were used to bring people to my place. The racist ones, which have skyrocketed since the election, are especially entertaining.