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Monday, March 29, 2010

How Far Will They Go For Our Forgiveness?

Fiscally conservative Republicans have a lot of 'splainin' to do, especially after this Daily Caller article today about an RNC trip that cost their donors $1,946.25 so their boys could go to a West Hollywood lesbian-themed bondage/strip club called Voyeurs.

Last month alone, Steele blew $17,514 on chartered jets and that same month he and his hangers on spent another $9100 at the famously posh Beverly Hills Hotel. He's even reported to have suggested buying his own private jet with RNC funds.There's no evidence (yet) that Steele was present during this junket but we can derive two things from this:

One, that Steele really is a secret pervert, which is practically synonymous these days with the word "Republican" or 2, the RNC is full of secret perverts and hypocrites who are calling for Steele's resignation for burning through money faster than Heath Ledger's Joker.

Predictably, they're getting lashed mercilessly for this on the left side of the tracks and the ball-gagged Republicans have yet to find the safe word.
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Blogger Jayhawk said...
Given that a presidential election spends $1 BILLION+, why do we care how Steele spent $10K of it?

As a Democrat, I feel the need to see what my party is doing to win its own causes. Looking for dirt on Republicans, and wallowing in it once found, may feel good, but wallowing in mud is the sport of pigs and children, while the cause of man lies in the advancement of noble cause.