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Sunday, March 28, 2010

While the Vatican is covering for pedophiles, atheists are doing things like this
Posted by Jill | 9:57 AM
PZ Myers:
This is such a sweet story: a little boy willingly hands out cheerful notes and cookies to his neighbors, simply to make them feel good. It's such a feel-good story that a Christian inspirational site picks up on it and shares Logan Davis's good news.

"I wanted to do something to brighten our neighbors' day," the motivated youngster told the news source. "My parents have always taught me it's good to be nice to others."

What none of the stories seem to mention, though, is that it's a godless family.

Bwahahaahahaa! Our plans are working: we shall conquer the world with our niceness and our habit of raising happy, well-adjusted children! And cookies and flowers!

Because that is what we Dirty Fucking Hippies do.

UPDATE: Guideposts, the Christian web site to which PZ links, has taken down its page about Logan Davis. I guess the story just isn't as good a recruiting tool if the child in question doesn't have the Fear O'God in him.

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