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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rachel Maddow eviscerates Dick Cheney
Posted by Jill | 6:35 AM
THIS is why Rachel is the best in an industry where far too many so-called "journalists" do nothing but fellate Republicans:

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Anonymous Labrys said...
Well, gee, I guess the problem is largely that the FBI is getting answers without waterboarding anyone. It makes the Cheney crew look like bullies and morons, which is appropriate under the circumstances. And so, Cheney and his buddies want to make it look as if the hard and stupid line is the only way to go to justify their own idiocy.

Blogger suZen said...
Hooray for Rachel - she nails them all the time and is really one of the best all time journalist out there! I'm SICK of hearing the Republican hypocrites and this damn endless stream of constant criticism when they offer NOTHING to fix anything - and don't get me started on that Pallin chic and her inciting audiences with her nonsense!

Blogger merlallen said...
that asshole was VP on 9/11. He needs to STFU, just like every other Republican't.

Anonymous newbroom said...
Rachel brings "it"....better than anyone on television.

What is "it", you may ask?


Can we handle it?