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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Obama Administration is protecting a war criminal
Posted by Jill | 5:14 AM
When the history books write about the Obama Administration, Barack Obama's biggest shortcoming won't be his coziness with Wall Street, but his refusal to see justice done to the worst war criminal in the history of the United States: Richard Bruce Cheney.

Here's how confident Cheney is that he won't be prosecuted: Not only did he advocate waterboarding a suspect who was already talking, as I noted yesterday, but he came right out and said that he was a "big supporter of waterboarding", and also came right out and said that the orders for CIA operatives to torture detainees came right from himself and his ventriloquist's dummy from Texas:
The reason I've been outspoken is because there were some things being said, especially after we left office, about prosecuting CIA personnel that had carried out our counterterrorism policy or disbarring lawyers in the Justice Department who had -- had helped us put those policies together, and I was deeply offended by that, and I thought it was important that some senior person in the administration stand up and defend those people who'd done what we asked them to do.

So now you have the most recent vice-president of the United States admitting to a war crime, and NOTHING is going to be done about it by his successor.

And THAT is going to be the biggest failing of Barack Obama.

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Blogger Bartender Cabbie said...
war criminal? lol

Anonymous tata said...
The Obama Administration is protecting a great many war criminals. Cheney had dozens of co-conspirators. That we will never see a Nuremburg style reckoning will mean the rest of the world should never trust us again.