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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because the GOP Knows All About Love

And they scream at us for politicizing everything.

Does it really surprise anyone that the Republican Party is sending out a full line of boxed cards for Valentine's Day? In order to prove how tech-savvy they are (despite the GOP.am debacle that made them the darlings of bondage sites and an RNC website that crashed faster than the Hindenberg), the RNC is offering a line of over a dozen ecards mocking, with its trademark blindness for irony, so-called liberals and Democrats.

Now, the DNC could respond with its own line, such as a picture of Gov. Mark Sanford with the simple but heartfelt message, "Te quiero." Or one of David Vitter over a caption like, "Politicians aren't just like diapers, sometimes we wear them." Or one featuring John Ensign reading, "Need $96,000? Meet me in Vegas and I'll show you how!" Or one with just Larry Craig's feet saying, "My love for you is this wide."

But that would be like shooting fish in a Minnesota airport toilet.

Of course, their well-meaning if ignorant wit is folded into yet another beg for much-needed campaign contributions and for your boxed set you have the privilege of donating up to $1000 or more.

I guess they were busted for latching onto the US Census which also begged for money.
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Anonymous mandt said...
I hear the T-parts are selling expensive seminars to 'access one's inner Nazi.'