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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I guess this is what "unseriousness" about fighting terrorism looks like
Posted by Jill | 5:18 AM
Gee, what do we have so far in the last few weeks....first we had the would-be "Christmas Day Bomber" talking to the FBI without even being tortured. Then about two weeks ago we had the capture of the Taliban's top military commander. Now Mullah Abdul Kabir, a leading Taliban military commander in eastern Afghanistan has been captured in Pakistan. And oh yeah...Najibullah Zazi, accused of plotting to bomb the New York City subway system? He's pleaded guilty. In civilian court. Without being waterboarded.

Oy. It's enough to put a torture advocate in the hospital with chest pains, I tell ya.

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Blogger Barry said...
I honestly have no complaints about Obama's prosecution of the WoT. So far I think he's doing an exemplary job.

Dick Cheney may fret about what will happen when we capture a terror suspect who's more tight-lipped than the Underwear Bomber. Not me. Obama has shown himself perfectly willing to outsource the dirty work to Pakistan, as he did with Baradar.

So there's plausible deniability to keep the left happy, but we still have rendition, we still have indefinite detention, and Gitmo's still open for business. Let's not kid ourselves that anything substantive has changed on that front.