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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Around the blogroll and elsewhere: ANOTHER Sunday spent working??? edition
Posted by Jill | 8:15 AM
You should see what my house looks like. No, wait....maybe you shouldn't. Sometimes I think I'd sell my soul for a weekend off. Then I think "But at least you have a job!" Then that persistent rebellious adolescent in my soul says "Yeah, that's what THEY want you to think!" Then I think "Yeah, but if we have to replace all the shrubbery this spring, as it looks like we might have to, I'll be glad to have a job, even if it means I do nothing but work and sleep." This is pretty much the repeating tape loop of my life these days.

So let's decompress and take a short drive around the blogroll and off on some side roads, shall we?

If you don't have TBogg on your regular blogroll, you should, even if only for Thursday Basset Blogging. There's a new puppy indahouse at Casa la Tbogg, with all expected hijinks ensuing. But today Tbogg takes on the whiny departure of Evan Bayh.

Yeah, that'll work. Paul Campos on the brilliant idea by Glenn Reynolds that we should just default on the national debt.

If you watched Real Time this weekend, you saw a bunch of people who never once had to worry about their weight agreeing that throwing Kevin Smith off a plane was just swell. The usual platitudes about fast food ensued, because after all, there's no such thing as an overweight person who doesn't pig out on fast food and goes to the gym, right? Kate Harding =ahem= weighs in.

Read this by Driftglass, and you'll never look at David Brooks the same way again.

Remember how Sally Quinn, the doyenne of Washington Society who got where she is by fucking (and later marrying) Ben Bradlee (which may explain the sad shape the Washington Post is in these days) led the "The Clintons AREN'T LIKE US!!" bandwagon? Digby takes a look at the latest escapade by this classless twit who gives the Village its marching orders.

GottaLaff: Sarah Palin's cousin in Ireland wants nothing to do with her.

Spiiderweb is back!!

The Political Cat celebrates Caturday (though I think the first photo is actually Sparta and Loki of The Mean Kitty fame...)

Speaking of which....it's not NICE to fool Mother Nature.

I'll bet you can find Elvis Stojko at this bakery.


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Blogger SPIIDERWEBâ„¢ said...
Thanx for the shoutout.

Blogger driftglass said...
What Spiiderweb said.
Many Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know throwing out Kevin Smith was just stupid. As Pam Spaulding said what about 2 guys with broad shoulders...trust me you don't want to in the middle of that either.

P.S. What is the etiquette on the armchair rests on a plain...who has rights to these?