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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How they do[n't] do it: figure skating edition
Posted by Jill | 4:59 AM
For those who don't understand the talk of underrotation of jumps that seems to often wreak havoc in the figure skating standings, check out this terrific New York Times interactive feature. Even the most avid figure skating viewer (at least those of us who aren't skaters) are often baffled at why deductions for underrotation take place, or why a skater is penalized for launching off the wrong edge. The linked feature not only shows you the mechanics for such underrotation, but also gives you the lowdown on who the skaters are who have been dinged most (and least) often for underrotation of jumps. Indeed, if the Olympic women's competition standings were based SOLELY on deductions for underrotation over the last four years, here's who the top three would be:

Joannie Rochette (Canada), with only 2% of jumps underrotated
Rachael Flatt (US), 3%
Carolina Kostner (Germany), 4%

Current leader after the short program, Kim Yu-Na, would be tied in 4th place with Russia's Elena Leonova and Japan's Akiko Suzuki. Only sentimental favorite Joannie Rochette, the unexpected and sudden death of whose mother sets up a textbook media "win one for the Gipper" moment for Thursday night's final, is currently in the top three.

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