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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Around the blogroll and elsewhere
Posted by Jill | 5:55 AM
Special bitchin' cold Sunday edition.

Today's MUST-READ post is by Howie Klein, about the Republican pattern of treason and chicanery, even at the expense of national security, designed to sabotage Democrats in election. Of course Barack Obama is too entrenched in his own private Candyland o'Bipartisanship and Harmony to study this history, and Rahmmy is too busy still patting himself on the back about Blue Dog seats the party is guaranteed to lose later this year.

: MoDo Doesn't Know Dick.

End of Decade Lists, Movies edition: ModFab.

End of Decade Lists, WTF Were We Thinking edition: Amanda.

Scott on theocrat Gary DeMar's finding the Iron John Moments in fear of flying.

Rick Freedman imagines a WWI headline out of today's Republican Party.

At Raw Story: Tweety's fear of "kung-fu terrorists".

And finally, from the "I can't believe they actually did this" file, after the December 31 space WaPo gave Michael Chertoff to shill for full-body scanners, a policy that would benefit one of his clients, they actually ran an article about Chertoff's conflict of interest on January 1. Of course they didn't say anything about Chertoff's op-ed and their own role in helping him shill, but you can't have everything.


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Blogger Barry said...
Here's a better WWII headline for you: "Liberals castigate Roosevelt, former governor and child of privilege with a mediocre college record, for sending troops to North Africa when it was the Japanese who attacked us."