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Friday, January 01, 2010

If only Barack Obama had the balls to renege on his apparent deal to not prosecute the Bush/Cheney junta
Posted by Jill | 6:56 AM
With Dick Cheney emerging from his hidey-hold to call Barack Obama a pussy and a Threat to America, it would seem to be time to declare that all previous agreements to not look backwards are off, and that it's full speed ahead on investigation of the crimes of George W. Bush and Richard Bruce Cheney.

Especially now that it's pretty clear that the Bush Administration's torture tactics were NOT for the purpose of stopping a potential terrorist attack, but were instead used to further the aim of ginning up a phony Iraq/Al Qaeda link to justify their dick-waving war in Iraq.

As usual, only Rachel Maddow has the guts to report the truth:

I know that we have a great many problems to deal with in this country. But if you think that any of the potential Republican hopefuls for 2012 aren't looking at the Bushcheney tactics and thinking "I'd like to do that", guess again.

Of course, I'm not necessarily convinced that Barack Obama hasn't embraced them as well.

So if you want to know what makes a 23-year-old from a privileged background decide to sign up with jihadists, perhaps it's because the leaders of the country the jihadists want to attack decided it was perfectly OK to use torture to gin up a phony case for war against a country that did nothing to us.

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Blogger Bustednuckles said...
Over half of the Bush administration should be in jail.
I know that, you know that, they know that and Barack Fucking Obama knows that.

Happy New Year honey.