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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gee, ya think?
Posted by Jill | 7:36 AM
Here's a dispatch from the "Figure that out all by yourself, Einstein?" file (I can't believe I missed this earlier this month):

The president's pursuit of a jobs bill that could cost close to $200 billion was never likely to attract bipartisan support. But the contentiousness of a meeting that was called expressly to foster cooperation and on Mr. Obama's home turf was unusual because members of Congress and the president typically mute their disagreements in face-to-face meetings.

One heated exchange came at the beginning of the meeting between the president and congressional leaders from both parties. Mr. Obama said the GOP was fixated on the unemployment rate as Congress enters a midterm-election season, saying Republicans "seem to be almost rooting against recovery," according to two aides briefed on the exchange.

Sometimes I wonder how such an intelligent man can be such a blockhead.

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Blogger casey said...
Hello Jill,

It is extremely easy for an intelligent person (man) to be a "blockhead". The greater the intelligence the easier to be fooled (not just once but many times as long as it is different but in this particular case it is because he wants, really wants to be fooled (over and over again even if it is the same thing repeated ad infinitium).