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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I blame Reagan.
Posted by Jill | 5:11 AM
Not for dumbass supply-side economics that made Americans think that you could increase spending, cut taxes, make rich people richer and the pee that they would rain down on the lower classes would make themm rich. And not for starting the faux-cowboy mythos that gave us George W. Bush clearing brush.

No, I blame Reagan for bringing to fruition the part of the Republican doctrine that had early rumblings in the 1950's, when a smart and decent man named Adlai Stevenson was ridiculed for being intelligent. I blame Reagan for turning stupidity and willful ignorance into a virtue and intelligence and reason into sins.

And this is the result:

The National Clean Energy Summit, held yesterday at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, attracted about 50 local right-wing protesters who argued that President Barack Obama’s clean energy agenda is intended to destroy capitalism. Significantly outnumbered by supporters of energy reform, the protesters argued that global warming is a “hoax,” worried that limits on carbon pollution will “dismantle capitalism” and lead to “socialism,” and questioned both Obama’s loyalties and citizenship. Watch a compilation:

The teabagger arguments mirrored those by elected conservative politicians and right-wing media. One interviewee accepted that global warming pollution should be limited, but believed a cap-and-trade system would be an economy-crippling energy tax. On the farthest extreme, some believed that President Obama is an “Anti-American Arab” who “is not a natural-born citizen.” Most people the Wonk Room interviewed, however, said that global warming is a hoax for Al Gore’s profit, that Obama is a man of divided loyalties and questionable associations, and that the country is headed toward socialist decline. Most of the protesters were motivated by a strong animus toward the president. Dozens of the teabaggers displayed the “Obama Joker” poster with the headline “Fascism.”

Meanwhile, inside the Cox Pavilion, America’s political and economic leaders made the case that economic recovery for the nation lies in clean energy. The second annual National Clean Energy Summit, organized by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Center for American Progress Action Fund, and the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, convened Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Obama cabinet secretaries Steven Chu and Hilda Solis, and numerous other influential politicians and energy executives. They agreed that the federal government needs to establish a regulatory framework for energy — including a mandatory limit on carbon pollution and standards for energy efficiency — to end our dependence on fossil fuels, tackle the threat of global warming, and unlock the potential of a green economy.

So is this:

And if you go to the YouTube page where this video is found, you'll find this comment:
If anybody´╗┐ did it, it was probably a fucking lowlife jew, trying to make it seem like an Aryan did it. You ashtray hat fucks are always trying to divide and conquer like the fucking fagot cowards you are.

So fuck Jews! You wish Hitler gassed you dirty-ass kikes, but he was just trying to kill the ticks and fleas off you foreskin sucking kikes.

Nice, eh? These are your good old patriotic American teabaggers, birthers and Republicans, folks.

You think blaming Reagan is unreasonable? Remember him talking about the welfare queen in the Cadillac? The fact is that this so-called "welfare queen" was in fact a wealthy woman committing welfare fraud, NOT a woman living in poverty driving a car she didn't "deserve". And yet the myth of the [black] "welfare queen" persists on the right to this day, because it came out of Reagan's mouth and he either conveniently forgot or conveniently omitted that his "welfare queen" was more like HIM than she was like a single mother in an urban inner city.

The teabaggers and birthers are the logical children of this kind of reveling in stupidity. When Ron Suskind wrote about a Bush Administration claiming that when you're an empire, you create your own reality, it wasn't just about Iraq policy. It was a mindset that persists among a small but highly vocal, and as a result, far too often listened to (among the lazy-ass media) as representing anything other than the small-minded reptilian bigots they are.


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Anonymous tata said...
Yup. Motherfucking Reagan.

Anonymous Richard Peevers said...
"Ron Suskind wrote about a Bush Administration claiming that when you're an empire, you create your own reality"

You're exactly right here. And this faux-reality is not fact-based, it's ideology-based.

I was looking at the 'Facts' page of the 'Patients First' page this morning. They're one of the groups shouting at townhalls about healthcare reform. There are absolutely no 'facts' on that page! It's all opinion masquerading as fact.

It's incredibly worrying that not only have the Republicans allowed this willful ignorance to take control of their party, but also that they seem to revel in it.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
I can only imagine, dimly and vaguely, how that must have made you feel, Jill, since you're Jewish. I don't know whether to be angry or frightened that we live in a nation full of so many hateful, stupid, willfully ignorant people.

Anonymous Charlie O said...
My sister is an American living in China. She would be somewhat dumbfounded to find out China is a third world country. If that's so, it's a third world I'd want to be in, they own most of this country's debt.

Nothing these people say is based in fact or reality. It's a sad commentary, that people that age are that frigging ignorant. Whatever happened to the "wise" older generation.