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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Million Can March! Yes We Can Fight Hunger This Summer!
Posted by Melina | 11:50 AM

Our good friends Bluegal and Battachio gave us the heads up on this great idea for July 4th! Considering that its a day that we tend to gorge ourselves on the grilled foods of summer, we might want to think about the growing numbers of those less fortunate than us, and grab some cans from the shelf and whatever else (as specified here,)grab the kids, jump in the car, and head on over to the food bank.
They need disposable diapers and dry drink mixes, cans/jars of food, and shelf stable staples. Be sure to check Blue Gal's post on C&L, which serves as a central point for the links for this thing, and grab the food bank locator on your way out, so that you can see if your food bank is opened today or tomorrow. Any day will do; if you've been to any of the foodbanks in your area you will see that the shelves are always low these days. I can say that with confidence, regardless of where you live, they need help this year!

State Representative Cynthia Davis may be sure that giving food to children demotivates them, but I can say from personal experience, and scientists will back me up on this, kids ,(and adults for that matter,) cant function, learn, or become members of our society fully if they don't get proper nutrition.

I hate to even mention the craziness of it all, but this Million Can March is sort of in response to some teabagging parties this weekend that are...I dunno...protesting taxes?...because the richest of us have somehow worked harder and deserve a few thousand dollars more per year regardless of the hungry kids that they are stepping over on their way to their BBQ?...
Somehow, the democratic ideal of America where everyone is represented, became the capitalistic ideal of America where luck and hard work both play equal parts. Even in a perfect world, who among us would take our own good fortune and call it just hard work, and let others go hungry or without medical care?
There are people out there who have a point of view which is summed up as pretty much as "tough luck, I worked harder, I got here first," ideal. Its easy to live in your bubble, as long as you're driving by it in an SUV, but the problems out there have come home to roost as we inch towards 10% unemployment! And yes we do have to spend more money in order to fix this!

Its time for each of us to realize that the "go shopping" days are over and that we all have to make sacrifices for the good of society as a whole. Its time to pay for the fantasy that we have been living for the past 8 years, and that doesn't mean stuffing your cash in your mattress!! It means doing what you can on the ground while he new administration tries to right this listing ship. Did you hear what I said? We have to spend more money as a society in order to correct our course....the outrage at the government's infrastructure spending is really sweet. We spent for the war(s) and we will continue to spend on that...and if investment in our own country now will help us in creating jobs and getting some money flowing through the system, then I am all for it!

Happy 4th of July you patriots!...Just don't blow your own face off with the fireworks!

c/p RIP Coco

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