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Sunday, July 05, 2009

How on earth can anyone believe this woman should be president?
Posted by Jill | 5:33 AM
I'm serious. I want to know. I realize that the Republican Party has become an organization in which accomplishment, intelligence, knowledge and curiousity about the world and a plan for what one wants to do are regarded as liabilities rather than assets, but really....on what basis should Sarah Palin be president?

Right now we are in two intractable wars left us by George W. Bush. North Korea is testing nuclear missiles. Climate change is occurring faster than even scientists predicted. Our health care system is a shambles. Our job base is disappearing. The problems facing our government are so massive they defy description. Right now we have a president who, whatever his flaws, and he has many (most notably his coziness with Wall Street and his icky feelings about Teh Gays), at least can string his thoughts together coherently and whose worldview is about something other than personal grievance.

In traveling through Freeperville and the comments sections of various blogs, I'm struck by the way the zealousness of the Cult of Sarah has absolutely nothing to do with actual policy. It's all about the popcorn fantasies of people who think that the Reign of Queen Sarah I will be about sitting on the couch watching the ritual massacre of all liberals.

So, wingnuts...suppose you get to watch that spectacle. What then?

What does Sarah Palin do about North Korea, a nation with nuclear weapons the leader of which was taught by George W. Bush, and has since shown the rest of the world, that if you have nukes, the U.S. will leave you alone; it's only if you don't that you get invaded.

What does Sarah Palin do about this country's diminishing job base in manufacturing, high tech, and other industries, a reality that has affected her home state?

Presumably Sarah Palin denies the reality of climate change. OK, then, what does she propose to do to help people whose homes are damaged by flooding, hailstones, tornadoes, Category 5 hurricanes, and other manifestations of climate change?

And while this doesn't seem important in the larger sphere of things, can you imagine having a president who quits because the press and bloggers are being mean to her, and then has her lawyer threaten to sue anyone who speculated on her reasons for resigning?

Need I go on?

What is this woman about, other than feeding the ragegasm of angry white people?

And on what planet is being a member of a group whose sole purpose is secession from the U.S. somehow "patriotic"? How does quitting make you a fighter? How does siccing your lawyers on people who say mean things about you make you the kind of conservative that rails against trial lawyers?

On what is this cult of Sarah based? Do they ALL just want to fuck her?

Here's the tragedy of Sarah Palin: If she weren't a mean-spirited right-wing Christofascist narcissistic nutball, she COULD have been the kind of feminist around which women could rally. If she were about helping other working mothers and parents of special-needs children and health care for all and a stable job base, she could have been a credible contender for first female president. But alas, she is only an aging beauty queen, a Mean Grrrl who in politics has found a way to extend her reign as Prettiest Girl in High School to use people (or states) and then throw them away when they stop feeding her massive ego -- or the gaping hole in her soul which no amount of attention will fill.

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Blogger Distributorcap said...
eva peron

republicans love stupidity - look at the past few weeks - they are forgiving mark sanford - so is HIS WIFE!

as someone who is jewish i dont know much about the rapture - but this sounds like it to me

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Very good post, Jill. You've made some great points about her motivation and actions. There never were any reasons for a thinking woman to subscribe to Palin's ideas. She never was a replacement for Hilary.


Blogger Melina said...
...cue circus music...

Thats all I have to say.

Blogger Barry said...
>...on what basis should Sarah Palin be president?

I wouldn't want her to be president, but I do admire her ability to send the Left into obsessive bouts of apoplectic fits. I'll miss that if she really does retire from the scene.

Blogger Bob said...
We can certainly compare her to other powerful, successful women & ask why she doesn't even come close to those standards. She can't even assemble a team of competent advisors. 2 1/2 years as governor, a run at the vice presidency, & she still doesn't have a professional writer to help her with her prepared speeches. Oh no, not Sara, she can do it all by herself. She's read "The Presidency for Dummies" & she's ready to go.

Blogger Steve said...
To be fair, Sarah wasn't a member of AIP, (Alaska Independence Party), the First Dude was until Sarah ran for Governor. She just sent them a video of herself, at her desk, with no American flags in sight, congratulating them on holding their convention just a few weeks before she was selected as McCain's Wing-Person.
That video was later scrubbed from her Governor site and from You Tube. I know, I saw it before that happened.

Anonymous mandt said...
"Do they ALL just want to fuck her?" No way, sash rash and tiara poisoning are signs of a STD.

Blogger Suzan said...
I'm with Dcap on this: I've never understood the concept of Teh Rapture before now. And you, of course, Jill, are first in line with the Great Awakening.

Thanks for the lesson, G O P !!!


On what is this cult of Sarah based? Do they ALL just want to fuck her?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Uh Barry the left isn't having fits it's Palin's followers.

Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
Idiots, with delusions of grandeur, can be easily manipulated. W. was no more in charge as President than I was. He was put in place to do what he was told. On what planet would a man who was a legacy, a C student, business failure and drug addict/alcoholic into his forties become President only one President after his own (CIA) Daddy? Really? We now are not that far removed from North Korea where Dear Leader just announced his son as his successor.

Blogger Halloween Jack said...
On what is this cult of Sarah based? Do they ALL just want to fuck her?

It isn't even about the fucking, really, so much as it is about stroking the egos of men who can benefit her politically. (She later dumps them when it's advantageous, but never mind that.) To cite an old urban myth, it's a lot easier for some guys to put up with a Catherine the Great if they think they're the horse.

Blogger jv said...
Barry: "I wouldn't want her to be president, but I do admire her ability to send the Left into obsessive bouts of apoplectic fits. I'll miss that if she really does retire from the scene."

You seem to have confused "delightfully mocking and pointing at" with "obsessive bouts of apoplectic fits". I mean, did you even read the post? Are you one of those people that thinks Stephen Colbert is serious?

You did, however, do a nice job of explaining the vaaaaaaast disconnect between the activists on the left and the activist on the right in this country.

One group sees Bailin' Sarah Palin as the face of contemporary conservatism and is ecstatically happy.

The other group.. well, shoot.. sees Bailin' Sarah Palin as the face of contemporary conservatism and is ecstatically happy.

I guess we're more alike than I thought.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Here's the tragedy of Sarah Palin: If...".


Hell, IF I had wings, then I could fly (I know where I would go).

Tragedy? You've got to be kidding. There is nothing tragic about the fact that Palin is a mean spirited greedhead. That is simply who she is, over and out.

Blogger Batocchio said...
Well done, Jill. One of your best.

Anonymous webay said...
I also wouldn't want her to be president.