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Monday, June 09, 2008

Every day this guy does something that makes me like him more
Posted by Jill | 3:59 PM
Awesome news via Greg Sargent:

Obama's speech in Raleigh launching his economy tour is underway, and towards the end, during a discussion of health care, he drops a surprise aside that wasn't in the speech's prepared remarks:

"By the way, I'm going to be partnering with Elizabeth Edwards, we're going to be figuring all this out."

More on this when we can establish the details.

Late Update: The key political context here, of course, is that back in April, Elizabeth revealed that Obama's health care plan wasn't her favorite. Enlisting her as a public voice on health care could obviously help with the Obama camp's outreach to women and help win over skeptics in general.

Late Late Update: For an idea of just how effective Elizabeth Edwards might be as a surrogate on health care for Obama and against McCain, take a look at this take-down by Elizabeth of McCain's plan.

Smart move, especially since Elizabeth Edwards was cool on the original plan sketched out by the Obama campaign. Now we'll see if the presence of The Mighty Elizabeth is enough for the Hillarions or if they will insist on having their warrior princess in the VP spot or else they'll sell out their daughters.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I have been playing with a fantasy Obama cabinet, and all along I've placed Eliz. Edwards in the Sec DHHS position. John would make a fantastic US AG. Wouldn't that be something!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
warrior princess

Now, now! Be nice!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
John would make a fantastic US AG.

Ambulence chasers really don't have much experience in law enforcement.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Ambulence chasers really don't have much experience in law enforcement."

really? then how do they win their cases? or do you not get the whole civil law thing?