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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A number of dreadful "IT worker shortage" articles are coming out fast and furious these days. BusinessWeek came out with a rather routine one today, "The Great Tech Worker Divide". Maybe I'll post a comment in the next day or so if I get the time. The real beaut is the one from Rob Preston at InformationWeek, "Down to Business: Worried About IT Talent Shortage? Do Something About It." A lot of people took issue with his statement,
"Many tech workers, mostly working on anecdotes and creative interpretations of the employment numbers and other research, claim there's no talent shortage, looming or otherwise. But the stats and surveys tell otherwise."
My heroes, frequent InformationWeek contributor Tokharian, and Job Destruction Directory's Rob Sanchez, came through with their always informative comments. All of the other usual suspects, like J2EE Guy, were also in fine form. A particularly snarky exchange between Rob Sanchez ("Rob Sanz") and Rob Preston had me laughing out loud, particularly when Sanchez accused Preston of espousing socialism!

Finally, you can read Rob Sanchez' latest Job Destruction Newsletter at the Alipac website, where he reveals that a hearing scheduled by the House Judiciary Committe on H.R. 750, "Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2007", is scheduled to commence at 10:00 am on Thursday, October 11. This proposed bill is apparently part of the latest attempt to raise the limits on H-1B visas being issued, although I couldn't figure that out from the doublespeak that I found on the summary at WashingtonWatch. ("Increases the worldwide level of diversity immigrants."?) If anyone has additional information about this bill as it pertains to H-1B levels, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

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