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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MoDo manages to turn off the snark for a moment
Posted by Jill | 6:54 AM
Every now and then, Maureen Dowd is able to turn away from her personal issues long enough to show that she does still have a brain. Today she takes on Hillary Clinton's Iran vote and distills why it's so foolish in a single sentence:

If you know the dingbat vice president is agitating for a conflict with Iran, if you know that Condi is chasing after Cheney with a butterfly net on Iran and Syria, if you know you can’t believe anything this administration says, why vote to give them more backing on their dysfunctional Middle East policy?

Precisely. And this is why people like me aren't buying the notion that even a hawkish, triangulating, suck-up-to-Rupert-Murdoch Democrat is better than any Republican. At least with Republicans I know they're crazy, warmongering, faux tough guys who want to destroy what little of this country is left after George W. Bush gets through with it. I don't need to vote for someone who'll tell me she's on my side and then sell my values out to the right for political expediency, or worse, because she actually adheres to their values herself.


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