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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Real 9/11 Hijackers

     And, oh yeah, and r.i.p. those other victims.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
funny, when someone can say "Disgraceful that 1 yr later, not a single terrorist who participated in #Benghazi attack has been brought to justice" yet it's been 12 years since 9/11 (and not one single terrorist has been brought to justice for that)

Blogger Marc said...
It took Shrub how long to get Bin Laden? Oh yeah, he didn't. He didn't think getting Bin Laden was a top priority. Clearing brush in Texas had a higher priority...

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Not to mention 60 diplomats and security personnel who were killed in embassy attacks under Bush. But the crocodile tears flow over Benghazi. Spare me, GOP.