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Monday, August 05, 2013

Random Monday Thoughts
     If the NSA is so omniscient and omnipresent, then how come they didn't catch Bradley Manning three and a half years ago when he was in that chat room with Wikileaks talking about the Afghanistan and Iraq videos he'd given them?

     Barack Obama is the hardest-working President in modern American history yet a legislative body that works only 126 days a year criticizes him for taking a vacation?

     Why is it when fascist twats like the Concord, NH PD request $258,000 war wagons from the federal government, they never cite gun-clutching Tea Baggers as terrorists?

     Have you ever wondered how interesting it would be to live at 1602 Pennsylvania Ave or #12 Downing Street?

     Next time a spittle-flecked libertarian screams about how much liberals hate 'Murica, ask them how their secessionist movements are doing.

     Those who claim the earth's 6000 years old don't get to say global warming's a myth or homosexuality can be cured.

     Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign has now officially become a cross between TITANIC and NAKED LUNCH.

     Considering that Congress has an approval rating of 10%, I don't think Republicans have thought through the idea of arming everyone.

     Only rednecks carry water for Republicans. And the water is from Lethe, the River of Forgetfulness.

     Ladies, you want Republicans out of your vaginas? Incorporate them. The GOP would never regulate them, then.

     Oh, this is what passes for priorities? Detroit can't afford road, bridges, pensions, salaries, health care but it CAN afford a half billion dollar hockey arena?

     Boycott Wal;-Mart? Really now? I'll REALLY be impressed when Americans start calling for a boycott of Chinese products & we all know the odds of THAT happening.

     How depressing is it that Mick Jagger hasn't been young enough to sing the Beatles' "64" for six years, now?

     Yuppies who tie their sweater sleeves around their necks make me want to channel Albert DeSalvo.

     The longer I live, the more I believe Mother Nature makes conservatives just to make liberals feel better about themselves and to not get too complacent about evolution.

     The Obama administration says NSA snooping is in the “public interest.” That's the problem: they're TOO interested in the public.

     Only in America can a genetic hangeron like Robert Zimmerman get 25 times the followers I have on Twitter just because his brother's an unconvicted murderer.

     Terrorists can now blow up planes with shoe bombs for just $85. What a country! Richard Reid should've waited for the sale to start.

     You know when I'll stop calling gun nuts racist? When an Ohio Gun Group and/or the NRA volunteer to buy a gun for the Martins so they can defend themselves.

      How ironic is it that the NRA allowed into its board Ted Nugent, a guy who refused to touch a rifle for the Army during Vietnam?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The NSA did catch Bradley Manning! Who do you think Adrian Lamo worked for? You think the NSA was going to pop over for a visit in Kuwait?

Blogger casey said...
Hello jurassicpork,

I think that Anthony Weiner is "holding his own"!

Anonymous Mike Lumish said...
Yo, hippie! Are your ears burning?


If only president Stein would take decisive action.