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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Around the Blogroll and Elsewhere
Posted by Jill | 7:33 AM
Just because.

Bob Cesca pulls the curtain aside and shows what the Tea Party is really all about.

When I read stuff like this from The Complaint Department, I'm glad I don't have asshole relatives. And I've finally managed to convince my friends who have asshole relatives to stop forwarding me their lunatic e-mails.

Another glimpse of what the Christian theocratic nation advocated by Tea Partiers and other right-wing nuts will look at, courtesy of Vyckie at No Longer Quivering.

Our own jurassicpork finds something buried in the AP coverage of the Pentagon shooter which proves Cesca's point.

Jed remixed Blanche Lincoln's latest ad, which makes me wonder: Why on earth did Tim Kaine say last week that the DNC is supporting her re-election? (Show Tim Kaine that we will not sit down and take this. Donate to Bill Halter here.)

This post is a month old, but no less relevant than it was last month, from Margaret and Helen. I'm scratching my head about the kangaroo reference, though, because I don't see any links to Skippy.

At Mudflats: Sarah Palin's greed makes for strange bedfellows.

Sam Seder has video of Chris Matthews' head exploding in Alan Grayson's face. Really.

The solution to this is easy: Invite them in and tell them you want to spread the Word about YOUR religion.

And because you are an intelligent, curious person with a thirst for knowledge, the True Story Behind the Norwegian Curling Pants.

And finally....Puppehs!!


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Blogger Jayhawk said...
"And because you are an intelligent, curious person with a thirst for knowledge, the True Story Behind the Norwegian Curling Pants."

It shold be noted, perhaps, that the Curling Association has added a rule requiring plain, black pants.

Blogger PurpleGirl said...
Sorry to hear that Jayhawk. They have no soul and no imagination.

Blogger Bob said...
It'd be kinder to use dogsled training methods than Michael Pearl's advice. But if you have 15 children you need a system. Like tattooing their names on their foreheads.