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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A glimpse of what the "Christian nation" so beloved of Republicans would look like
Posted by Jill | 4:40 AM
Here's a taste of what the Christian theocracy that's the goal of so many conservatives would look like:
Nineteen-year-old Keshia Canter handed three burgers, fries and milkshakes to a car-load of Tuesday afternoon customers at the Hi-Lo Burger’s drive-though window. A lady sitting in the backseat leaned forward, between the two men in front, and handed her a leaflet: “Women & Girls” it said across the top.

“Even though nothing is showing, you’re being ungodly,” Canter recalled the woman telling her. “You make men want to be sinful.”


“You may have been given this leaflet because of the way you are dressed,” it begins. “Have you thought about standing before the true and living God to be judged?”

It continues with one essential theme: The sins of men are, in part, the fault of women, specifically women in tight-fitting clothing. Yates was annoyed. Then she got to a section on page two:

“Scripture tells us that when a man looks on a woman to lust for her he has already committed adultery in his heart. If you are dressed in a way that tempts a men to do this secret (or not so secret) sin, you are a participant in the sin,” the leaflet states. “By the way, some rape victims would not have been raped if they had dressed properly. So can we really say they were innocent victims?”

In Theocratic America, women are by their very nature evil, even criminals. This pamphlet was being distributed in Bristol, Virginia -- a state where now you can carry a gun into a bar. This is so that when the drunk at the end of the bar starts making disparaging remarks about your mother, you can shoot to kill.

Meanwhile, out in Utah, the nightmare scenario of women who miscarry having to prove they weren't trying to self-abort is just waiting for the governor's signature. And in Florida, which always seems to be doing everything it can to become more Alabama than Alabama is, new legislation would punish doctors who perform abortions with up to life sentences in prison.

Isn't it funny how efforts to create a "moral, Christian America" focus on the genitalia of women and what women do with those? Isn't it funny how the legislatures that come up with stuff like this are ALWAYS dominated by men? And isn't it funny how the ENTIRE burden of making "moral" choices always falls on women in their world? For decades we've heard about baby boomers and hedonism and self-indulgence, and yet these guys are not only terrified of themselves, but also seemingly completely unable to keep it in their pants unless all women dress like the Warren Jeffs polygamy cult women and are punished severely for exercising any kind of sexual self-determination.

These are just a few tastes of the Christian utopia envisioned in those states where a preponderance of people are simply unable to make behavioral without some punitive big white alpha male daddy figure in the sky. And it's interesting how that big white alpha male seems to forgive an awful lot of male transgressions, and none of the female.

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When will it ever sink into those putzim that the problem is men? It is the men who are such weak, pathetic creatures that they can be driven into uncontrollably lust-driven rages by the sight of any bare skin on a woman. Maybe what society needs to do is work on controlling men.

(By the Christian Taliban's reasoning, the only reason that banks are robbed is because they advertise themselves as having money.)

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Celibacy for everyone! Huzzah!

Anonymous Charlie O said...
Interesting how these "christians" consider themselves superior to muslims and consider Islam somehow evil. Yet, this attitude is EXACTLY the same thing that fundamentalist muslims believe, what with burkas, females having no contact with males, etc. etc. Personally, I think ALL religion is a curse on mankind. Planet earth will much saner place if it was eradicated.

Anonymous ted said...
You forgot to mention the burqas!!