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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Top 10 Items Left Behind in Rush Limbaugh's Apartment

Rush Limbaugh is selling his 5th Avenue NYC penthouse apartment for $13.95 million.

What are the ten most noteworthy items accidentally left behind in the apartment by Rush Limbaugh?

  • 13 empty Viagra bottles prescribed to someone else in bathroom wastebasket.

  • The charred remains of over 200 $100 dollar bills in the fireplace.

  • Flintstones underwear stuck in chandelier.

  • A copy of the Contract With America clogging the toilet.

  • First edition of Going Rogue left in end table beside bed with the pages of photoset stuck together.

  • Body of last interior decorator behind false wall.

  • Tooth left embedded in bathroom's gold leaf molding after last Oxycontin withdrawal episode.

  • Phyllis Schlafly's underwear covering entire King-sized bed.

  • Boarding pass to the Dominican Republic inserted in copy of Little Women.

  • Ronald Reagan's skeleton in broom closet.
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    Blogger Distributorcap said...
    you forgot cigar ashes stuck in the spaces between the wood parquet

    sarah palin pictures scotch taped to the ceiling above his bed

    Anonymous mandt said...
    Did ya forget the cigar with a condom on it?