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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dispatch from Idiot America
Posted by Jill | 7:32 PM
Here it is: American Stoopid in full flower:

I wish Lawrence O'Donnell had asked this willfully ignorant moron if she favored repeal of her own right to vote too. After all, the Founding Fathers thought she should have no voice in the political system.

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Blogger Rhode Island Rules said...
Thank You! This is exactly how to push back against these idiots! Ask them right back - the constitution didn't allow women to vote, should we adhere to that? Watch their faces pass through varying stages of confusion and embarrassment. These people have no idea of history of the rights or laws of our country and yet they commandeer the microphone, much to the corporate overlords glee. Fighting against their self interests and not even realizing it. The Medicare question is another one. Are you against government health care? Yes! Are you on Medicare? Yes! Can someone point out the irony here?

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hate to say this but there are times lately when I think there should be intelligence tests or tests of some sort to deny morons like her the right to vote.


Blogger Distributorcap said...
i cant watch that video jill, i am too busy getting married and having children

excuse my french - this woman is a moron - and typifies what America has become in our great dumb down

i bet she could tell you who won each season on American Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Melina said...
Ill bet she could tell you the entire storyline of All My Children, Guiding Light, and General Hospital...and every case on Judge Judy and Divorce court for the past year.
This is why I want to have a place way north of here...like up by PJ but in VT or Maine...NH...probably VT. I heard some scary shit on Sirius left tonight and have to research it.
I wonder if you'd mind if I grabbed this and cross posted it to my side...with my powers;-)
If not Ill just copy the video and write some text...but what good is text anymore? what good is anything?

They were right to attack education right off the bat. People are always talking about balancing the budget but cutting health care and education...so you end up with a weak and stupid population.
That was the plan and this woman is a leader in the permanent underclass...one accident or illness away from the street and she doesn't even know it!

I want them to give Larry a show...Ed is so bloviating and obnoxious. I would actually actively watch Larry. I don't know if he would do it. he has so many things going on.
Who knew that he would be the real deal? He sure is...and would be great in that lineup permanently.

Blogger Melina said...
I feel bad for her. She is such an idiot that she cant see that she has a 5 thou deductible because healthcare SUCKS in America!!
No one should have a deductible that big...that lets out wellness care or anything beyond hospitalizations...and 5 thou is a huge hit for a family trying to get by.
She doesn't understand that her taxes probably are not being raised unless they make alot more money than it appears they do. Maybe property taxes or local taxes but with a health are plan she would probably be saving money on the medical (especially with her son's surgery) and the premiums, which are likely high, even with that crappy plan!

if something bad happened beyond this surgery, her family would be screwed!...and she doesn't get that!
she would sooner do away with the social safety net than to deviate from what she perceives as what the founders wanted....as if this is the same country back then?
I feel bad for those who are so misled that they are willing to act as pawns for an ideal that doesn't serve them in any way at all.
She is probably calling out more against changes to our culture, but she seems like a chick who might like her a little Jerry Springer action in the afternoon; a little freak show is always fun, right?

And she probably doesnt realize that right now, she is one of the biggest freaks going.

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Bitchslapped with a bright, white smile. And she deserved every soft backhand she got from Larry.

Why are we putting airheads like this on the air? Is everyone who ever screamed at an elected official over the last 2 weeks going to get their 15 minutes of fame? YThis woman's head is good only for stockpiling product and that's it.

Anonymous VMA131Marine said...
As far as I can tell, the kind of health insurance she has is a HDHP with HSA (High deductible health care plan with Health Savings Account). If you make enough money to be able to max out the HSA ( you are allowed to put $5,950/year tax free into the account, which rolls over the next year if youdon't use it) this can be a good deal as the premiums for this type of plan are quite low. I am on an HDHP through my employer and the family premium is $44/month compared to about $500/month for a more 'traditional' health insurance plan. I'm sure that these amounts are further subsidised by my employer,but I don't know by how much; hopefully I'll never have to use COBRA and find out. The plan I have does two other things that I like: 1/ it covers preventative care like annual physicals at 100% from day 1; and 2/ annual out-of-pocket expenses are capped so that once you hit the limit ($6k in-network for my plan) additional expenses are covered at 100% with no coinsurance or co-pay.

With this type of plan, you pay 100% of medical costs up to the deductible limit ($3k for any one person or $4.5k for a family) and then the plan pays 80% of medical costs up to the out-of-pocket limit. If you have minimal medical expenses in a given year then you can put a fair amount of pre-tax income money into the HSA that does not count against 401k or IRA limits. If you use a lot of health care, as my family did last year and this year, then there is soe comfort in knowing that your medical expenditures are capped and the the money to cover them is, in theory, put aside.

That said, the plan works for me because I can afford to max out the HSA contribution. A family of four with a combined income of $30-40k/year probably could not afford to do this (although they would also have a tough time paying for the standard insurance option as well).

Blogger Jayhawk said...
"This is a picture of ignorance, stupidity and dishonesty with curly hair." Read the rest of my post on her.

Anonymous Charlie O said...
Here's my question to those at these town halls and tea bag rallies, etc.:

What exactly do you want back? What has so dramatically changed in this country, or more specifically, your life, to foment this anger and reasoning (or non-reasoning)?

Since the inauguration of Barack Obama,

1. Started a new job (in defense, no less).

2. Have all the guns I had when the year started.

3. The church on the corner still has services on Sunday morning. I know because I hear their church bell ringing while I'm watching George Stephanopoulas.

4. The federal income tax deducted from my check is down.

5. My school tax is up.

6. I still can only go the doctor's the insurance company says I can go to.

7. I pay less for gasoline this summer than last.

8. I still have to deal the TSA dopes when I fly.

9. I still have to worry about imprisonment when I take a toke at night before bed.

10. The sun still shines and it rains sometimes.

Bottom line, what are these people so upset about? For the most part, I sincerely believe most of them do not know. They have no idea what socialism is, or national socialism or fascism, or the differences between them. I'll even bet most of them don't even know the contents of the Constitution that they claim is being "trampled on."

They listen the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, Michele Malkin, Ann Coulter, et al. These people put out blatant lies and misinformation. They get people worked up over their opinion of what will happen. Nothing is based on reality or fact.

I'm a big proponent of free speech, however, what's been happening of late now is the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theater. These guys are bomb throwers. That's not a tenet of free speech. It's getting ugly and I really do believe it will get worse. There's another Tim McViegh or most likely, many Tim McViegh's out there and sooner or later they will act. I hope I'm wrong, but I really kind of doubt it.