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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Boy and His Gun Go to President Obama's Town Hall...Tweety Attempts to Sort it Out....
Posted by Melina | 10:08 PM
I don't know what to think anymore. This is just the kind of thing that we've all been worried about from the get-go; we've been aware of these wacky fringe types, with the undercurrent of rage, who are either organized by the insurance lobby or just operating on their own steam, coming to these town hall meetings to try to show that they have constitutional rights, as they understand them anyway.... everyone is riled up about the most insane and far fetched lies, and then along comes some idiot carrying a loaded gun in his car, not to mention the knife in his pocket.

Even Tweety was exasperated, trying to get some sort of acknowledgment out of this character....What do you believe doh-doh? What did you think was gonna happen if you exercised your rights by carrying a gun to a place where the President was speaking. I really hope that the secret service got a few minutes alone with this guy, because Ive done some work with them, and they don't screw around!

He doesn't even acknowledge or realize that he's done something wrong and terribly stupid!
What gets me is that no matter how much these survivalist constitution types argue the fine points of their rights, and how every program that made government bigger was a mistake, they never offer up a feasible plan as to how we would handle a society this big if it was every man for himself. It may work in new Hampshire in some small town, but in a city or given an outbreak of disease or a natural disaster, I don't see how a militia could handle, much less prepare for,what would be needed. He disagrees with taxes but what are they gonna do in utopia when the town hall catches on fire? How are they going to treat the sick and pave the roads?

A big part of the problem is that the media is featuring these wackos as if they are the main stream, when the real story is that when it shakes out, they may amount to hired hands...unpaid hired hands at that, who are just following the script that seems to pluck just the right strings in their song of woe and misunderstanding.

My question is about their plan; what exactly is it? because we've seen deregulation and we've seen outsourcing, and even the biggest skeptic will tell you that it doesn't work. Is there a way that this fringe element that is so happy to shut down discourse could just put forth their own plan rather than waste time going on about the constitution and the size of government? The fact may be that with a more complex society and with a larger population, we have ended up with a bigger government to deal with more complex problems. Demonizing that reality does little to help anything; so lets figure out how to work within the reality of this century and the needs of a complex population with a changing environment and emerging disease threats, among other things. This isn't Little House on the Prairie or the Oklahoma Land Grab; we have to look at the world now and move ahead in a sane way that will offer safety to all.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
I think they don't have a plan or any plans or ideas about solving societal issues or running a society. Their ideas only go so far as I own a gun, watch out, no taxes, I'll take care of my own, etc., etc., etc.


Blogger missy said...
I asked one of these folks how we could have a baseline healthy/safe country if we have uninsured folks walking around with something like untreated antibiotic-resistant TB, and his answer?

"I don't associate with people who have tuberculosis."

It almost made me wish I had it so I could cough all over him.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course they have a plan. NO TAXES! Their Hummer don't need no road! And anybody steals from them [or tries to stop their Hummer driving where they want!!!] gets shot..

As for Missy,
They don't associate with anybody who gets sick and can't pay for it. Period!!! Those get "vaccinated" with a .38..

You may not like it, but it's definitely a plan!!!

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Fuck the fact that he was on private property and on church property. When the President is in town, all laws become subordinate to national security and the security of the President. Ordinarily, you'd be able to fly a plane over where Obama was in NH yesterday but you know the FAA grounded all flights within a two mile radius because you can't fly over the President's head.

So how come a local ordinance trumped national security in NH yesterday and would the Secret Service's presidential detail have been as lax if Bush was still "president"?

Blogger Buttermilk Sky said...
A year ago you couldn't get within ten miles of George Bush with an anti-war t-shirt, much less a weapon. When did presidential security become a form of oppression? Oh, yes, January 20.