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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

So much for Saint Petraeus
Posted by Jill | 10:05 AM
If the Republicans are insisting on linking Tony Rezko to Barack Obama despite the fact that nothing in Rezko's trial had anything to do with Obama, then it seems to me that Saint David Petraeus' association with his less-savory associates deserve some closer scrutiny as well -- particularly since John McCain plans to leave his Iraq policy in Petraeus' hands.

Blue Girl, Red State has the story. It's too much to excerpt, just go read it.

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Blogger The Minstrel Boy said...
there was a brilliant field commander of rangers in vietnam, david hackworth, who got caught up in the very same types of corruption. many more who were never brought to account for their larcenies.

it's a story as old as war itself.

Thanks for the linkage, Jill!

But so far, just crickets...

Blogger Unknown said...
Okay, I read the whole thing. So... what is Petraeus is supposed to have done, exactly?

I suspect the real reason you can't "excerpt" it is because it's a nothing more than a lot of disconnected innuendo designed to create the impression of wrongdoing on Petraeus's part without giving any evidence for it, or indeed, without even saying what that wrongdoing may be!

Here's why it's different from Rezko. I can say, for example, "Tony Rezko defrauded GE to the tune of 10B in bogus loans." See how it's done? Now perhaps you can help me understand... what is it that David Petreaus is supposed to have done wrong, exactly?