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Friday, February 28, 2014

We Are Seriously Fucked
     We're basically being bent over a barrel and told we can't even have a stick to bite.
     Look, I know you guys are really, really sick and tired of my constant financial woes. I'd directly appealed to nearly 80 people for help last week and got a very anemic response. This is why I'm taking the extraordinary measure of showing you a screengrab from my bank's website, complete with today's date, to let you know that I'm not scamming you all and hoarding donations I don't need.
     The Massachusetts Dept of Revenue claims I owe them back taxes from FY 2009, a fact I've mentioned several times since last year. Today, they swooped in and levied my savings account and now I'm nearly $520 in the red. Furthermore, they took $47.70 from my checking account, basically every penny of the $75 that I'd transferred from Paypal last Wednesday.
     Furthermore, this happened at the same time that I had to pay a garage a $108+ bill for a busted radiator hose that nearly overheated and seized my engine yesterday, requiring I subtract from my dwindling cash fund which serves as my rent money.
     So, just like that, I'm out nearly $200 just a month after I got taken for $150 by a couple of grifters across town, for which it cost me an additional $40 to file suit against them. Bottom line: It's going to cost me $520 to unlock my savings account. For all I know, my checking account, my primary bill-paying account, may also be locked because Create Space won't allow me to place an order for proof copies of my latest novel. And, banks being the wonderful, benevolent institutions they are, each levy done by the DOR will involve a $20 levy fee imposed on me by my bank for each account.
     Basically, we're talking about an entire month's rent these assholes in the DOR are costing me.
     Guys, this has been a truly shitty winter not to mention a truly shitty 2014. As if 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 weren't bad enough. I'm redoubling my efforts to try to find a job on Craigslist and elsewhere but my resumes just fall into a blank hole and I don't get contacted by anyone except the occasional deceptive temp agency.
     So, if you have a blog, please link to this post. If you can at all help in even the slightest, please do so. If you know anyone who might be amenable to helping us, please contact them and tell them about our plight. This is without a doubt the darkest time we've ever suffered through in the nearly five years I've been living here. If I could've afforded to pay these damned back taxes, I would've. But we've never been in a position where we could spare over $500 for back taxes plus late fees and interest. I've been more concerned with keeping a roof over our heads, especially now where winter is getting colder than ever.
     Please help us. Please. As much as I hate being an ongoing object of charity, I have no pride left at this point and am openly begging for a way out of this. There's a Paypal button at my place at Welcome Back to Pottersville.
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Anonymous e.a.f. said...
rule number one: don't keep your money in a bank when the government says you owe them money. that is why we have safety deposit boxes, under another name.