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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Open Thread: High School Ends but Douchebaggery is Forever edition
     Consider this an open thread with one focus: I need links to reputable news or blog sites for candidates for the upcoming Asslowns of the Week #95. It's not as if I lack the wits or the wherewithall to do this. After nearly nine years of doing this shit, you know me better than that. It's just that I cannot keep up with the seventy story tsunami of wingnuttery that we've been seeing from the right wing in the exactly 60 hours since the government shutdown started. In fact, with everything I've casually seen on my own, from Mrs.JP, my tweeps on Twitter and elsewhere, it looks as if I'll have to make a supersized edition. So anything you can send me on incredibly stupid things said and done since October first will likely get absorbed into this upcoming edition. You want this feature to be a weekly one again? Help me out. Yes, I'm crowdsourcing. I'm drowning in wingnuttery here.
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Blogger jurassicpork said...
Jill, we just heard the news. We are so sorry. Please call me a (978) 618-2662. That's my cell.