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Thursday, January 24, 2013

You have meddled with the primal forces of nature...and you will atone
Posted by Jill | 6:25 AM
We Can Has Two Preznits in 2016? Is there any way we can elect BOTH Joe Biden AND Hillary Clinton next time? Think about Hillary's ferocity combined with Joe Biden's ability to charm everyone in the room.

We've had some interesting speculative 2016 imagery in the last few days. On Monday we had Joe Biden doing his interpretive Full of Vim Vigor and Vitality At Seventy dance, which consisted of careening all over Pennsylvania Avenue like a cat chasing a laser pointer, grinning and glad-handing and hugging and just being the affable if slightly nutty uncle that is his public persona. This is Biden's schtick, and it's allowed him to be an extremely effective and busy Vice President, even in the face of the screaming infants that constitute today's Republican Congress.

Then yesterday we saw something that I've been waiting forever to see from a Democrat -- Hillary Clinton in full Bullshit Detector mode, calling out the clowns of the Republican Party on their Benghazi witch hunt.

Oh, the hell with it. Let's let Rachel Maddow put Benghazi in context, shall we?:

Let's not pretend here that this panel full of howler monkeys is about anything other than a) trying desperately to find something to latch onto in order to annul the 2012 election by impeaching Barack Obama; and b) trying desperately to find something they can use in 2016 Republican campaign videos to prop up whichever GOP howler monkey gets that party's nomination in 2016.

Does anyone believe for one moment that Marco Rubio loses even one minute of sleep about Chris Stevens or the others killed in the Benghazi attack while serving in a conflict zone? Does anyone honestly believe that these Republicans give a shit about loss of life, especially when these very same Republicans refuse to allow discussion of guns in this country even in the face of the corpses of twenty dead children?

Congressional Republicans have latched onto Benghazi in a way they didn't latch onto Lebanon, or any of the many other consulate attacks that took place during the terms of presidents of THEIR party. This is not about Benghazi, particularly when it is the House that has the power to allocate funds for consulate security. This is the Washington hearing equivalent of the move in Virginia to apportion that state's electoral votes in future elections so that no Democrat can ever win that state. Ever. Americans rejected the cruel, harsh, greedy Republican vision for this country last November. They can't win on the merits of their policies, so they're going to win by rigging the electoral system, or by attempting to destroy ANYONE who might stand in their path.

Hillary Clinton has been a favorite punching bag of the Republicans since 1992. Back then she was a prospective, and then an actual, First Lady who didn't "know her place". She was regarded by Republicans as just as "uppity" as Barack Obama was in 2008. Clinton spent years in the Senate trying to be Joe Biden, charming and glad-handing and working with some of the very same people (***cough*** John McCain ***cough***) who attempted to rake her over the coals yesterday. The only reason she wasn't AS savaged in 2008 was because the racist bigots in the Republican Party had a better target for their bigotry and their hatred in Barack Obama. This woman knew damn well what she was going to be presented with yesterday, and she wasn't going to let a lightweight legacy fratboy named Rand Paul, or a smarmy pathological liar like Marco Rubio get the best of her. This woman, more than anyone else in America, knows that walking into a room full of Republicans is like being Indiana Jones in the snake pit. Yesterday she showed them just who's brandishing the whip.

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Blogger Ahab said...
If Biden pushed his credentials with female voters (i.e., his backing of VAWA), he'd have a considerable edge over a GOP opponent in 2016. The GOP has been alienating female voters as of late.

By the way, I like the NETWORK quote!