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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

He's in the apple pie, too.
Posted by Bob | 2:09 AM
What happens now is obvious. Sikhs are one variety of otherness, so Wade Michael Page must also be reduced to his otherness: white supremacist, skinhead rock band, tattoos, "less than honorable discharge," a drunk, & of  course "evil." As if one has to be all those things to hate Sikhs. There you have it: lone crazy white male hating men wearing turbans & their families. Now we can all feel exonerated. Got news for you. The hatred isn't aberrant in America. Americans killing people we hate isn't unusual either. We had a guy firebombing synagogues in Jersey last year. Only reason he did it at night when the buildings were empty was he didn't want to be caught. Luckily, he was caught anyway. They can't stamp "evil" on Page's forehead & make me believe he's truly exceptional. He's in the apple pie, too.

I'm sick of how our media handles these horrifying outbursts of violence. Sick of the formulaic distancing, the apologetic attitudes, at the attempts to reassure us that this isn't really America.

I have read so many comments on NJ.Com, the Star-Ledger website, denigrating Sikhs Hindus, Muslims, all these haters need is a phony name to hide behind & it all comes vomiting out of them. Then of course there's the so-called "dog-whistles," the code words of bigotry Republican candidates must master in order to speak to the "base." Otherwise they'd never make it through the primaries. The other day, an idiot told me "Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day" was about supporting free speech. No, quite to the contrary, it was openly express bigotry toward gays & lesbians without actually having to say it with free speech, & get away with it day. It was the opposite of the Cathy family's forthright prejudice. But that kind of evasive shit passes for "truth" in America. & we know where it's coming from.
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Anonymous chucklenuts said...
Good observation on the chik-fil-a situation. I tried to explain this to many people, I think I finally got through to maybe one person after I said, what if the company donated over 50 million dollars to an organization that believed it was a god given right for grown men to have sexual intercourse with kids under 13 years old, woudl you have gone to chik-fil-a to support free speech then??

I am suprised I have not seen a bumper sticker yet that says:

It's Chik-fil-a not Dick-Fil-a or
It's chic-fil-a not Dude-fil-a

Dumb asses

Blogger BadTux said...
I said pretty much the same thing on my own blog. What the media won't discuss, indeed, runs and hides if you try to bring it up, is that bubbling hate that so many Americans are filled with, indeed, that in so many sections of the country, the majority of people are filled with that kind of hate of anybody who isn't "them". The notion that the majority of people in some parts of the country are simply hate-filled spiteful bigots is something that they will do anything in their power to avoid, because admitting it would be admitting that America is not perfect, and that wouldn't be patriotic, right?

So it goes, in the United States of Delusion...

- Badtux the Bummed Penguin