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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Around the blogroll and elsewhere: Dispatches from Wingnuttistan
Posted by Jill | 5:55 AM
At Addicting Info, a screenshot from the Being Liberal Facebook page demonstrating that for an alarming number of gun nuts, it's not at all about deer hunting or protecting their TVs.

At Media Matters: Rush Limbaugh sez Robin Hood was a Tea Party activist.

Americablog: Fox News decided Gabby Douglas wasn't patriotic enough.

Down With Tyranny: It isn't just coming from Republicans: The DCCC is participating as well in the War on Women.

Raw Story: Rep. Steve King says "Why do it piecemeal?" Let's just repeal in one fell swoop everything Obama has done." Also, this.

The General on Jerome Corsi's latest fever dream about Obama.

The New York Crank on Texas Republicans' quest to outlaw the teaching of critical thinking in schools in their state.

At Vagabond Scholar: No, both sides DON'T do it.

OK, back to trying to meet impossible deadlines, which is how I spend all my waking hours these days.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
The country is a powder keg. Expect things to get even hotter no matter who wins the election.

Anonymous Chucklenuts said...
vagabond scholar, excellent link

Blogger jurassicpork said...
Mon general forgot that Corsi seems to think these homosexual Obamanations took place circa 1971, when the president was a precocious 10 year-old. Leave it to Obama to have special privileges such as being able to get married at age 10 to another male (Obviously one of those infamous Muslim arranged marriages).

But Dr. Corsi doesn't need big sales for his worthy books. He also molds little sculptures of David Dukes out of his own fecal matter and sells them at a roadside attraction whereever there are Aryan nation meetings. They sell surprisingly well, I hear.