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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Behold a Real Liberal Democrat

If anyone even suggested to Barack Obama that he deliver a speech this dead-on and sarcastic, one calling out the Republican Party, that staffer would be fired immediately. I think Obama would shit his pants behind the podium if he ever delivered a speech like this. Use this clip of Roosevelt's speech to see just how far to the hard right Overton's window has shifted and think about what real liberalism used to look like, at how real Democrats worked for you before this fruitless, centrist, bipartisan compromise bullshit came into vogue. Because when you elect a "Democrat" like Barack Obama into the Oval Office. someone who insists on giving the Republican Party at least 95% of what they want while still getting vilified with lies and innuendo to the point of sedition and treason, then you're doing no better than electing a moderate Republican. Think about that, and this video, before you Obamabots march like lemmings to the polls this November. Because the only difference between Romney and Obama is how long you want the inevitable fall off the cliff to be delayed.
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Blogger p.a.turner said...
thank you for posting this. LOL

Anonymous ravefan said...
Buddy, you may be right, but I'll still vote to postpone running off the cliff for as long as possible.

Blogger Bob said...
If I had fallen asleep four years ago & woke up today, my impression of Barack Obama would be that he hasn't been a very good president.

Anonymous june said...
Support Obama!

Anonymous Theophrastus Bombastus von Hoehenheim den Sidste said...
Thanks a lot, Ralph