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Saturday, July 02, 2011

I could get behind this
Posted by Jill | 6:14 AM
Driftglass has an idea for allowing Obama to cave on a no-revenue, all-cut deal to raise the debt ceiling:
Well, everyone has an imaginary scenario, so here's mine.

The Obama Administration announces next week today that since the GOP refuses to participate in good faith in the actual work of governing the United States, in order to avoid defaulting on our national debt and sending the world into a global financial meltdown, the Administration would accede to Republican demands that all deficit reduction be accomplished solely by making radical cuts to existing government programs with no increase in taxes.

However, in the spirit of the Time Honored Conservative Principle of Federalism, the President adds that the cuts would not be allocated programmatically, but geographically by state.


Under the Obama Administration's proposed "Reward Wealth Producers and Penalize Moochers American Value Re-alignment" Act, "wealth producing" states such as New York, California, Illinois who have traditionally received less than a dollar back for every dollar they pay in taxes would be exempt from any budgetary cuts, and would qualify for across-the-board tax cuts since wealth-producing states should always be accommodated and encouraged in every way possible, regardless of circumstances.

On the other hand, the "welfare mooching, deficit-teat-sucking" states such as Kansas, Arizona, Kentucky and Alaska who have for years gotten away with parasitically looting their wealth-producing neighbors by receiving more than a dollar back for every dollar they pay in taxes will now assume 100% of the responsibility for eliminating the federal budget deficit. Each of these welfare mooching, deficit-teat-sucking states will be given a block rescission amount representing the percentage of the federal deficit for which they will be now be help legally responsible.

I'm on board. Let's get moving with it.

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Blogger Pangolin said...
Works for me here in California. If the State of California became an independent California Republic we would instantly relieve our budget deficits.

That is assuming that California collected taxes at exactly the same rate as the Federal government, assumed the costs of payrolls and maintenance of all federal properties and personnel within the state boundaries. Assumed the costs of all pensions paid by the Federal government to California residents.

Most importantly we would be relieved of the costs of military expenditures and the debts thereof assumed outside the boundaries of California.

Too bad the red states would starve. But isn't that what they are trying to do to us?