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Friday, February 11, 2011

I Wonder if CPAC Sprung For a Birthday Cake...

...with a guy inside dressed as an oil rig roughneck for Sarah Palin? It would serve Todd right.

Yes, today's Sarah Palin's 47th birthday and no doubt we'll be seeing the fetishism we saw this past week with Reagan's centennial.

Before Sarah Palin, February 11th was a more somber occasion for me: It was one year to the day before Palin was born in Idaho that one of my favorite poets, Sylvia Plath committed suicide not long after finding out that her husband, world-class scumbag Ted Hughes, also was having an extramarital affair.

Yet Plath died alone, virtually unknown and penniless while Sarah Palin gets chased by literary agents and makes $7,000,000 a pop for books she doesn't even write. And people wonder why I'm a militant atheist.

Overall, Plath's suicide is still a happier day to contemplate every February 11th. However, if you're more scientifically-minded, today's also Thomas Edison's birthday.
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Anonymous coloradoblue said...
You said Sarah doesn't write her own books. Hell, I doubt she even bothers to read them