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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coming soon to the Hell on Earth Decaplex
Posted by Jill | 6:28 AM
Another reason to go on living:

Sayeth Digby:
And I just can't buleeeve that Brad Pitt didn't fight for the role of a lifetime. Or anyone recognizable for that matter. What, Gary Sinese and Kelsey Grammer had scheduling difficulties? And I think Angie Harmon would have been fine as the toothsome Dagny if she could be spared from her obscure cable TV series. I guess the Hollywood liberal conspiracy runs so deep that they couldn't even hire the handful of quasi-famous C-list conservative celebrities for the most important wingnut movie of all time. Sad.

They were all too busy doing Total Gym commercials, I guess.

In today's rush-rush world, if you don't have time to actually read the book, everything you need to know about it is here.

I have, in fact, read the book. I had the misfortune in the years before Mr. Brilliant came along lo these nearly twenty-eight years ago to restore my sanity, to date a committed libertarian, who dragged me to Ed Clark speeches and insisted I read this claptrap. It was bullshit then, and it's bullshit now.

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Blogger Barry said...
One thing people often forget about the book was what a trashy soap opera it was. I remember that whole melodramatic scene between Dagny and Hank's wife over the bracelet at the party, and thinking "I don't believe I'm reading this," but I also couldn't put it down.

John Galt's speech (indeed his character) was overrated. I like Francisco D'Anconio's 50-page stemwinder in the book's middle much better.

Blogger Jill said...
And there's nothing wrong with a trashy soap opera -- in its place. I used to read the books of V.C. Andrews, after all. But you never saw me try to make a political philosophy out of them.

Blogger Barry said...
Ah, her philosophy is crap.

Blogger Barry said...
BTW, two things:

1. Did you notice that Atlas Shrugged is scheduled to hit the theaters on tax day? lol.

2. I sometimes order meat from Omaha Steaks. Their mailing address is on John Galt Boulevard. Interesting, no?

Blogger Pangolin said...
I say we duct tape all the Randroids to movie theater seats and force them to watch it over and over again until they can each convince a mexican farm worker that they're going to respect labor rights.

I also say the blithering idiot billionaire that funded this sure-thing flop be the first to go to the guillotines.

They only call it class war when we fight back.